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How do I know if I am dealing w/ an abscess or laminitis flare up. Yesterday we turned Lady out and when she came in both her front feet were hot. Thought for sure we were dealing w/ laminitis. Today she stayed in and when I arrived this evening, the original foot was Hot and the other was back to being ice cold. Abscess=warm soaks. Laminitis=icing. Please help me determin which direction to go w/ her. Still waiting onthe vet to draw blood. Farrier is due out Thurs for regular appointment. Should I start doxy as a precaution of the Lyme returning??
Thank you for helping me sort this out.
Jean and Lady
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Hi, Jean - any response in the warm foot to the hoof testers? Sometimes that can help determine if there is an abscess (though not always). Realistically speaking, if there is a laminitis flare-up, it is too late for icing to do a lot of good once they are lame - icing really does its job as a preventative (ie if they get out on grass, or you know they have had access to another laminitis trigger). If it were me, I would get blood drawn for Lyme asap (I know you are waiting on that) - in the meantime, I would indeed start her on doxycycline. Don't fret for now about whether to soak or ice; (I know it is impossible not to fret, but do your best) - see what the farrier has to say Thursday, and keep monitoring the heat in the feet.

Keep us informed.

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