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I use Kathleen off list to balance my hay. She is very inexpensive. I just email my hay test results to her and she emails back the exact nutrients needed with amounts and where to buy them. You can obviously buy them anywhere, but her suggestions made it so easy. She even told me how much of each to buy in bulk for a 30-day supply and gives you mix amounts for either one-day's or 30-day's worth of nutrients. She gives you a suggestion on where to buy an inexpensive gram scale. I mix three months worth at a time as I buy enough hay for a year. It is so easy and my horses are both sane and rock crunching sound.

I have never met Kathleen and until this post, I am sure she did not know I was a member of this list when I sent her my hay analysis the past two years. I didn't know she was KFG on this list until recently. My farrier had recommended her to me and gave me her email.

I tried using the spread sheets and info on this list, but like you, found all the numbers a bit overwhelming. Kathleen makes it sooo easy. I don't know if others on here balance off list as well, but if so, I am sure they are equally good.

I spent three years with unrideable horses until I finally tried plain old hay balancing.


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