Re: Wrong treatment with fatal results.

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Dear Sally,

That is one of the most tragic things I have read. You poor, poor thing having to go through that. Poor Cervantes.

It is terrifying facing this horrible disease with our beloved horses and of course we want to trust anyone who is confident and says they can fix it. I have done it myself and years ago lost my gorgeous horse, and let him suffer unnecessarily, because I allowed myself to be pushed around by people who thought they knew it all and actually didn't. However if it weren't for him I would not have been in a position to help my current horse who is doing fabulously well thanks to the wonderful people and advice on this forum.

As Lorna wrote "hindsight will rot your soul". I can vouch for that so please don't blame yourself. You did what you thought was best for Cervantes at the time.

My thoughts are with you
New Zealand

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Hi, I haven't posted to the forum before but I'd now like to share the awful story of what happened to my horse. At 23 yo Cervantes had his first bout of acute laminitis in all four feet during the cold snap in December last year. Now he has tragically died I'm going through all the inevitable 'what if's' and who was to blame.

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