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Monti, I wanted to wish you and Jake the best of luck with the APF/APF Pro. Rocky Mountain horses are just awesome! I went with the Pro due to Dr. Van Noy's recommendation after he reviewed Cheyenne's history/issues, and Cheyenne is retired (except for his job of bossing around our other mustang Jazz). If my memory serves me right, Dr. Van Noy seemed to think Cheyenne's physical issues needed the extra boost of the Pro. I understand what you are saying about vets. We finally found a vet who is very open minded to all treatment options and is just great to work with, but boy did we ever meet up with some who weren't. Please keep us posted about Jake's progress, ok? I really hope to hear the APF is working out for him. I know there are no "magic bullets" as my best friend calls them, but it is so nice when you do finally find something that does help your horse.

We'll be sending good thoughts your and Jake's way!

Robin and Cheyenne

Hi all! I ordered the APF and will try that and based on your results with a mustang, I will order the APF Pro when the APF runs out. I was not clear on whether the Pro was more formulated for horses in heavy work, which Jake is not. He is an old style (Rocky Mountain) horse like a Mustang, used to scrubby pastures and roaming the hills and not our overly rich lifestyles!! And my vet does not think much of any 'natural' products as they lack scientific proof. Wish there were more holistic vets in my area and more vets who totally understand IR horses. Thank you so much for this forum!!! Your review sounds like it is worth trying. Thank you!
Monti (Jake in Michigan)
Dec 2010

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