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Bumping this up in hopes that one of the hay pro's are available to take a quick look at our most recent hay testing.
Thanks so much
Jean and Lady CT


The file is titled "Nutrient Spreadsheet Aug 2011" is here is its location:
Hi Jean,

I took a quick look at your spreadsheet and at first glance looks like your old mineral mix is close to what you new hay will need but not exact. You need more phosphorus this time around.

However,there is quite a bit of conflicting info on your Spreadsheet versus your Case History. You have listed different weights for Lady Bey, 900 versus 1000 lbs, and you have different amounts for the BP hay,and cubes too.

If you can sort those differences out and give me the current amount you are feeding and her current or ideal weight, I can do a better job of figuring out what you need. Email me privately and we can sort things out.

Jennie Hollis
EC Horsekeeping Support Team
Oct, 2007

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