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Thanks for the quick responses and the link to more info.

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Has anyone tried this product for their cushings horse?

OMG - fat is one of the the worst things you can feed an IR/PPID horse.

Vegetable fat: Min 99.5%
Water and Impurities: Max 0.5%
Melting point: 122 Fahrenheit
Energy: 0.25 Mcal pr oz. / 37 MJ pr Kilo.
Texture: Powder
Color: White/Yellow
Approved under DK Reg #:

Not all fat is created equal. Omega 3 fats (from grass and seeds such as flax) are anti-inflammatory. Omega 6 fats, from veggie oils are pro-inflammatory.

The info on their website is very misleading about the horse's need for fat.

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