Re: Pergolide Dosage Data Base

Saucier Kathy

Even though my Cushing's horse passed away in 2008, I try to keep up with
this group as I am always learning things.

Saw the request for the pergolide dosage data base and entered my info even
though my horse is deceased.

One category that might be helpful though is whether on the current dosage
the horse is "under control"/normal range on the ACTH test. And an
important fact that you can't see from our figures is that he never tested
normal on the dosages through the years. We were always behind the curve.
And that would be important for these vets to understand. Looking back I
wish I was much more aggressive with his C's treatment. The ACTH was never
normal even at 3.5mg at the end.

Kathy Saucier

Magic ( to July 2008)

Jan 2005


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