Re: Pergolide Dosage Data Base


As someone whose horse tested over 700, I'd be curious to know the test results for the horses listed along with the dose prescribed; also, the increases needed during seasonal rise, if any.

I left a message for my vet asking her to prescribe Zar 3mg so that I can slowly increase his dose somewhere around 6mg. I have a feeling she won't be too willing to do so, as she only prescribed 1mg for him. The other horse in my barn tested ACTH 99 and he's only taking 1mg. How will I ever catch up??!! I'd settle for double digits.

Nancy and Zar (still drinking and peeing)

--- One category that might be helpful though is whether on the current dosage

the horse is "under control"/normal range on the ACTH test. And an
important fact that you can't see from our figures is that he never tested
normal on the dosages through the years. We were always behind the curve.
And that would be important for these vets to understand. Looking back I
wish I was much more aggressive with his C's treatment. The ACTH was never
normal even at 3.5mg at the end.

Kathy Saucier

Magic ( to July 2008)

Jan 2005


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