Re: Kims Qs about sedation

Barbara P. <MorganPinesFarm@...>

Hi Kim,
I'm new to this list and will write an introduction later but I
wanted to comment on the matter of sedation.
Last year I had to have my old horse (30-something) sedated to pull
2 teeth that had grown sideways. He does not have Cushings but does
not sweat. First we did blood work to make sure his liver and kidney
function was ok and he was started on SMZ about 10 days before the
procedure. The vets used an anesthesia called GG (don't remember what
it stands for)and something called ketamine. It took two of them,
to do the teeth and one to administer the IV anesthetic. I think
because it was done IV it can be controlled much better and the
his teeth were done the anesthesia can be stopped. He came out of it
very well, no sudden panic-just sort of waking up slowly.
Good luck to you. I hope your vet can help you.

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