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Hi Lorna. Do you think he needs to be on that high a dose all year round even if a lower dose is still keeping his ACTH below normal? I did keep testing to make sure it didn't go up and I have only just increased to 5mg this last week in anticipation of the seasonal rise. I increased to 4mg before the move but I also cut out alfalfa and speedibeet and have also consistently managed to get him to take half teaspoon of Zinc and Copper at 2:1 mix so I'm not sure what has caused this great improvement. I am half hoping it is the APF because it was so horrendously expensive, I'd like to think it was worth the expense! The other half is hoping it only helped because now I have finished the bottle, I don't want him to deteriorate back to how he was.
Chris/Matty UK 07/09

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Hi Chris,

I have increased his Pergolide to 5mg
I meant to comment on this before.
It looks like you have found the magic number for Matty.....for now!

Once before when he was on 5mg ,he was comfortable,too,remember?

So if you can resist the temptation to reduce his dose now that he is feeling good,and remember that pergolide is an ongoing treatment of a disease that is progressive in nature, Matty will thank you for it.

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