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Lorna, so sorry, my head is spinning with all those calculations..
I did send a message on the board when I got those results and I didn't see any response so I assumed he was not IR, especially as the labs comments were all ok. I remember someone saying this labs calculations were very similar to the way you calculate so I didn't feel the need to check it out, sorry.
Are you saying Matty IS IR now? Is he compensated IR? I know if he is IR it is diet and exercise, is the regime the same for compensated?
His feet are doing great just now, not just comfortable but his heels have widened further than I have ever seen them since his shoes came off in 2006 (I checked the date again b/c I had been thinking it was 2007)so I have been doing some gentle lunging and in hand walk and trot for up to 15 minutes approx five days a week since the move.
Now he has finished the APF, he does seem to be getting upset about things he has ignored for the last four weeks whilst on the herbs. Just when I wanted things to stay calm, we have had a few new horses arrive so it is hard to guess if his stressing is due to that, or not being on APF. In the past, these stressful events usually have coincided with him becoming footy. I suppose it will look like it's as a result of him grazing again.
I moved him to this new place as it is on higher ground (different types of grass), a similar situation to where we were before all his health problems began when we moved to a yard in the valley next to a river with knee high grass.
I find this all too confusing. I know it looks clear to you from a distance and from the info I put in the history but I honestly cannot put down every single thing that happens or changes on a day to day basis, he is very picky and I have to vary things from time to time. This new yard has no turn out w/o some grass, he would be confined full time if not out for short periods. Yes I have a muzzle but I am the only one who can put it on, he panics otherwise. The situation is just the best I can do with the facilities available now, not ideal I know but I have to manage as best I can with what I have.
Vet came yesterday to take bloods for ACTH so I will update history later this week.
Chris/Matty UK 07/09

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Chris,I went to the IR Calculator (http://www.freil.com/~mlf/IR/ir.html) with Matty's Insulin and Glucose numbers.
Here's a heads up just in case you haven't done the calculations.
Glucose: 5.2mmol/L = 93.6mg/dl
Insulin: 13.3 uIU/L
Results: If the G:I ratio is less than 4.5, horse is severely IR. If the G:I ratio is between 4.5 and 10, the horse is compensated IR. A G:I ratio greater than 10 is normal.
G:I ratio = 7.04
A RISQI greater than .32 is normal. A RISQI less than .32 indicates IR. A RISQI less than .22 indicates severe IR.
RISQI = 0.27
Some horses will have a normal G:I ratio and RISQI but still be in danger if the glucose is over 100. An MIRG greater than 5.6 will indicate IR in these cases.
MIRG = 6.23
IR Status = Compensated IR/Laminitis Risk
Lorna in Eastern Ontario
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