New member introductions

Anna Bradley <anna.bradley@...>

Hi my name is Anna, and I am introducing myself to you all!!!! I have a
14HH Irish Riding Pony cross Connemara gelding called Oscar. He is grey
and was diagnosed with Cushings at Xmas. He is our baby and we have owned
him for 11 years, he is now 18. I am so plaesed to have found this group as
I felt so low when he was diagnosed, its great to hear from other owners in
a similar position!
Osc at present just has a long summer coat, and is starting Pergolide this
week. He will be having 3 pills per day for 2-3 months and then 2 pills per
day after that. Any info about the Pergolide/its effectiveness,a nd hints
about looking after horses with Cushings would be greatly appreciated.

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