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Thanks! He's not my horse, just trying to help, and I agree there are issues going on but the management is as good as it's going to get and he was very uncomfortable being ridden barefoot, so shoes went back on. He is stiff behind and canter work is getting more difficult for him. Also, since the shoes went back on, he's really loading the front end and tripping. I just posted that he's gaining weight now this fall even muzzled on grass and we're going to try part time paddock with hay to see what that does for him...

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Hi Robin

Members here have experienced that arthritis is often diagnosed incorrectly in many cases. The foot symptoms you describe are often due to subclinical laminitis. Would recommend a close review of DDT+E for your guy just to be sure.

Here are a couple of posts
Subclinical laminitis


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--- In EquineCushings@..., "Robin Lake" <lake22802@> No laminitic episodes in this guy but is now back in shoes due to flat soles/tenderness when ridden.

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