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Donna Mire <dmire@...>

--- Carla Davis <lmdavis@...> wrote:
There are several different tests and many opinions on which is the most
accurate one for diagnosing. Cushings is difficult to be "absolutely" sure of
because we can't look into their heads and actually see any tumors. .....His
first approach was to check the level of ACTH in my horses blood. ...the next
step would be to do a Dexamethasone suppression test.<<

I have the vet going out today and tomorrow to do the Dexamethasone suppression
test. Do we have information about how accurate this test is? What would you
suggest doing if the cortisol levels are normal after this test?

Cushings is a pretty manageble disease if the horse responds to the
medication. The earlier the diagnoses the more likely you are to have good
results with the medication. Just remember that you are only treating the
symptoms. There is no way to treat the actual tumor.<<

I heard it could be pretty expensive to treat this disease. I heard $70 - $100
a month. Is that the case?

thanks alot for your feedback


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