Adaptogens and the sometimes-anxious horse


I've done some research in the files and some reading of previous posts here about using various adaptogens with horses and I thought I'd bring the subject up again with the specific goal of helping an anxious horse.

Specifically, my mare has an intermittent anxiety problem. Through training, I've reduced her anxiety when I'm around by about 99%. (We're still working on that last 1%.) However, when I'm not around, she has episodes of very anxious behavior (e.g., she might pace for hours -- even when outside). That tendency caused/contributed to a nasty illness recently.

I'm working on the social/behavioral elements involved in her anxiety, but I'd also like to address what is clearly a nervous system that is "strung too tight" and I'd like to investigate adaptogens and how they might help.

Can anyone tell me their experiences with Ashwagandha (the best for this situation, if I understand correctly), Bacopa, Eleuthero, Schisandra, APF and/or other adaptogens/adaptogen combination formulas with respect to helping a tense horse to relax?

Many thanks,
Jackie & Star

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