Re: Adaptogens and the sometimes-anxious horse

Linda <PapBallou@...>

Specifically, my mare has an intermittent anxiety problem. That tendency caused/contributed to a nasty illness recently.
Jackie -

DOn't know if anyone will be able to give you specifics on the herbs that you mentioned. You can do a search of archived posts by typing in the topic you are interested in in the search box directly below the banner ad.

For instance, if I type in Ashwagandha, I get 31 previous posts about it with this brief one from Dr Kellon:


I see this is your first post to the list. We really try to impress upon members that a balanced diet is good for many things, not just the support of an IR/PPID type of horse. For instance, not enough magnesium can cause a multitude of issues, from muscle dysfunction to nervousness.

Have you considered having your hay analyzed and then balanced? Is your horse in question IR and/or PPID? Does she have normal or rather dramatic cycles?

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