Cushings horse EPM postive on blood test

godivakathy <godivakathy@...>

Hi all, while I don't post often I do read the emails and appreciate the advice I've learned from other Cushings horse owners here.

Does anyone here have personal experience with or know of any sources where I can learn more about what to do or what I should know about when your Cushings horse tests positive for EPM on a blood test? My vet says a positive result on blood test isn't 100%, as a spinal tap test is the only real way to prove whether your horse actually has EPM or is just a carrier for it, but the costs of that test in addition to the $800 a month preferred Marquis drug treatment is out of my realm. The vet also ran a Vitamin E blood test and that came back normal without a deficiency. My 26 year old guy was put on SMZ and has shown a truly miraculous improvement within mere days but I'd like to know more info or what other options are available before I talk to my vet again.

Thank you in advance for any info!


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