Hi Joan,
This Arab is not on TF only for the COPD.
Are you suggesting taking her off this altogether?  Your info is generic, not product specific - i.e., from Wiki, not from the TF site.  Thank you, I do appreciate the valuable input.   I am awating a shipment of Spirulina, since Dr. Kellon advocates it may help her.    Also, new cleaner hay (albeit first cut, yet lovely) is being mineral balanced for me today, as always, by a trusted pro. 
JoAnne / DE / 2008

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Allergies are not like pathogens. The immune system fights off pathogens, which is a good thing. A large immune system attack on an invading bug is very likely to kill it.

Joan and Dazzle
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Hi, Joan, thanks for your comments.    I will look into this - the TF issue - but she's made such an improvement, I would have to tend to disagree.  If the immune system can't fight off allergies ...... welll ....
JoAnne/ Delaware


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