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No problem! I've given him a 1000# dose every other day and he's had a total of 4 doses with his last being yesterday morning. It's been well over 24 hours and his improvement from even this morning w/no banamine is nothing short of amazing. I'm guessing at least the 2mg is kicking in strong but I may still play with that dosage up to 2.5 and see where to go from there. I'm for whatever dose it takes.

Thanks so much,
Kristie & Sashi
OH 2004

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Sorry. Didn't realize he was already on Banamine and running laps. Darn horses.

The group is giving you some good suggestions. It's not a fast process, but it does get better, and these folks know their stuff.

Just keep tweaking until you find what works for him.

Cathy and Natalie

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