Re: Cushings horse EPM postive on blood test

Dawn Wagstaff

I do not have a horse diagnosed with EPM, however, I do have a friend with a Cushing/IR mare on pergolide, who was recently diagnosed with EPM and is undergoing a new drug protocol of Oroquin-10. She has been experiencing positive results with the drug. There is also a blood test protocol available now with different sensitivities being used instead of spinal taps to diagnose prior to administering oroquin.
The information for this protocol is at

Also, here is more reading than you might have wanted,

The above is also from the pathogenes website.

Dawn Wagstaff
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Does anyone here have personal experience with or know of any sources where I can learn more about what to do or what I should know about when your Cushings horse tests positive for EPM on a blood test?

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