Can an equine sprout wings?

Jen Mcgeehan

During this season of gratitude I had to share with you my story of miracles! In August of 2010, my horse, Smoke, suffered a coffin bone rotation on his right front. We were days away from putting him down. He was 28 years old and I had had him 23 of those years. Instead, I was directed to the ir/ cushings and this site for help. He not only survived, but we are riding again. And, he made the 22 hour flight when we moved from California to Hawaii! If that wasn't enough, while he was at the boarding facility, he wandered down an embankment and got caught up against the fence directly below that made up the enormous arena. Somehow, he backed up slightly and then leeped OVER the railing landing in the arena! That had to be a 7' jump! He took off some skin from his back left shin, but otherwise, is totally sound! It really is a miracle. Unless, of course, he sprouted wings... I hope this is an encouragement for those struggling through issues with their beloved equines. p.s. Smoke is now 29!!!
Merry Christmas
Jen & Smoke
Hawaii 2010

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