Pergolide availability and pricing update

Jen Mcgeehan

I just got off the phone with Brian at VetPet Solutions, in regards to a re-fill on my Pergolide order. To despell, or clarify, what is happening with Pergolide, here is what he told me:
•Pergolide is still available thru them.
•My re-fill at 5mg is still available, and at the original pricing
•1mg Pergolide is not available thru VetPet because it is now available commercially.It is about 3X more expensive.
•In response to this, VetPet is able to compound .95mg and 1.01mg of Pergolide, and at the same original pricing. All that is needed is an updated prescription from your vet.
Whew...That made me feel a whole lot better!
Jen & Smoke (The flying equine!)
Hawaii 2010

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