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I have the same problem with Romke (1,500+ lbs. Friesian) who is cushings and severe IR. He is on a very strict diet of 100% ODTB cubes so there is nothing I can do to improve his diet or the IR. A couple of month ago he bit me on the wrist, broke the skin in several places and I had no feeling in my hand for 20 minutes. He has threatened to kick also. This is totally against his pre-cushings/IR personality. Now I sing softly or talk to him and use caution when I have to groom or work on his "touchy" places. The singing and talking distracts him enough to be able to do what I have to do. I also try to maintain eye contact when possible.

So. Cal. April 2008

she was coming at me with teeth bared. ear pinning, tail swishing, and threats of kicking (or actual kicking) if I continued.

Erica and (grouchy) Mimi
Indpls, IN 2011

Is she sensitive all over or just in a particular area such as the flanks?

Skin sensitivities are very common in IR horses (lots of itches) and the please don't touch me in PPID horses. I suspect that is due to the generalized not feeling well that can come with uncontrolled PPID.

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