Re: Pain relief

Cindy McGinley

Okay, I looked up the BL, I wouldn't feed those. They contain yucca, which can worsen IR, and wheat middlings, besides the dried molasses. Anything that could have a chance of setting Sonny's IR off is a no-no, especially in his current delicate state.

Pure powdered devil's claw can be obtained at . I'm sure there are other places that sell bulk herbs as well, that's just the one that comes first to mind. But as I said before, try the Phytoquench by Uckele. It worked very well on my farrier's mare when she was laminitic. He was able to take her completely off the bute.

Hang in there.

- Cindy and Alf (with entourage) in NY
EC Primary Response Team
May 2006

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