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Linda <PapBallou@...>

Has anyone used in on IR Horse before???? Am I wasting my time and money???? I can grab a can and list the ingredients.
Nettie -

I just read that you were going to try the jiaogulan. It is pennies a day, and works.

I know you want to get things straightened out as quickly as possible. Looking for products online is a natural thing to do, but often the hype is more than the end result. Here, Dr Kellon provides you science-based info to help you on your journey.

The BIG key is getting the DDT/E into place.

Have we seen photos of the feet? That is usually the last piece of the puzzle that falls into place and it can make or break the return to health of the horse. And frankly, most horse owners are not even aware if the feet are trimmed correctly, so make the assumption that the consistent hoof care they provide is appropriate, when much of the time, it is not.

Jioagulan, or any of the other products discussed here have a place, but they won't do much of anything without addressing the main cause of the problem to begin with.

Do we have a history of your horse? lab work? If so, please share the link. Otherwise, we can't help you as much as is possible.

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