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Testing was one of the many things I discussed with Dr. Scott Stanley. He said they obtained 3rd party test results from as many of the pharmacies as they could so they could compare their results to those of the independent labs. The result was that not one of the independent labs provided accurate results. When I asked with lab I should use to test our Pergolide, Dr. Stanley said he cannot recommend a lab because he has yet to find one that provides accurate results. This is consistent with my experience on this list. If I remember right a list member in southeast Pennsylvania provided lab results for a water-based Pergolide suspension with a 6-month expiration.

I am looking into getting Dr. Stanley to test our Pergolide but it is a bit involved since UC Davis is a university versus a for-profit lab. So for now, we continue to take a very conservative interpretation of the US Pharmacopeia- 100 days for the capsules, 30 days for oil-based suspension, and 30-days for the powder. We also store our Pergolide in the refrigerator because it stays more potent when stored under refrigeration.

-Ian with ThrivingPets
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Feb 2006

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Have you had your products tested for potency like the Canadian pharmacy did?

Eleanor in PA
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Feb 2001

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