Re: What to do for Laminitis?

Lisa S

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I've been posting about my horse having some Laminitic episodes. What can I do for that?


I know the moderators will post with help for you and will ask you to update your history--or fill one out, if you haven't already--but in the meantime I just want to make sure your horse is not getting any grass.

My gelding continued to have flare ups as long as I let him eat grass, even when he was only getting a blade or two through a tiny hole in his grazing muzzle. Our grass was very stressed and I am sure was full of sugars and that is what kept setting off his episodes of pain.

I also wouldn't hesitate to go back to the emergency diet till you get everything sorted out.

My gelding still gets his hay soaked even though it tested very low in S&S. I find that he has no problems when his hay is soaked, but when I fail to soak, he will have frequent 'ouchy' days.

Good luck!

Lisa in TX
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June 2010

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