new blood work


This is Mill's latest blood work from Cornell which now puts her as IR.

ACTH 22.4 pg/ml (9-35) previously on 7-9-11 40.3
Insulin 20 uIU/ml (10-40) 12.58
Glucose 83 mg/dl (71-113) 88
Free T4 1.49 ng/dl (1.2-1.8) 1.35

She has been on 1.5 mg Pergolide since the end of Dec. and gets approx. 16 pounds of an orchard/bermuda grass mix. The hay is almost gone and I do not have a lab report on it. I am still working on finding new hay. Mill gets 1 1/2 pounds of Wellsolve LS, 2 cups of beet pulp r/s/r plus salt and supplements. When stabled due to weather she also gets 2-3 pounds of TC Safe Starch forage and 1 1/2 pounds of TC Lite pellets.

Any suggestions on where we go from here?

Jennifer & Mill
Jan 2010

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