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Hi Jaini,
Are you one of the Moderators?

You can call me sky, that is fine.

The vet, Dan Cochran does not come out to my area.
So, I called my regular vet who is on the cusp of retiring & I really
tho't he would not be open to all of this but he is willing & will
do the testing for me. I just have to send him all the info which I
printed out from the ecir site. So, that is in the works.

Why do you want pics of her hooves? They are in casts right now & Pete Ramey has been helping me along with someone he recommmended & also now Equicast is helping me. So we are really doing all we can
for her hooves to hold them together & get her as comfortable as
possible with a good breakover.

She has pathological feet from many years of wrong everything so it's only the last 2 yrs that I took over & started learning about this
& she was growing out new hoof capsules & then this Laminitis thing started happening which, thank goodness, has been mild. She is able to walk & no strange stances,but it is not doing her feet any good.

I was wondering about feeding before the testing. Does she need to have, like a full meal before the blood draw? & does the blood draw need to be during a certain time of day or anything? I know it should not be fasting. So, can I just feed her when I know the vet is coming?

Thank you,

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Hi, Sky - or do you prefer to be called Catherine?

Here is what you must do next:

Continue feeding the diet she is currently on. The 8% ESC+starch grass hay should be fine without soaking. Cut out all treats of carrots and turnips and other treats.

Get a vet out to test ACTH, insulin and glucose. In message 162541, Susan posted about a vet near you:

******"I answered her privately but thought I would also email the list in case there is anyone else in this area that would like to know. I live near Gold Hill and use Dr. Dan Cochran. His number is 541-826-6752. My Arab gelding has mild cushings and Dr. Dan is so great with explaining things to me. Andy is 28 and I have had him since he was born.
Sam's Valley, OR
May 2010"*******

Take pictures of Copper's feet, so we can see what is happening with them, and the post a message with the link once those pictures are uploaded. Here is info on how to take good hoof pictures:

Those are your three missions: no treats; get vet; take hoof pics.

Hope that helps!

Copper's case history:

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What should I do next???? How do I get the Laminitis under control?

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