Re: What to do for Laminitis?


Hi Lisa,
Thank you for the info.

What kind of muzzle do you recommend?

She is not on pasture but there is like stubble but she is standing around mostly now & I really don't see her even trying to eat it much & why would now make such a big difference? That's the part I don't understand. Everything has been the same for the last 2 years & no
problems then all of sudden there is.

I did cut out all treats & am stopping the Triple Crown 30 just in case that is it even tho' she is on her second bag of it but did not
have that last year.

I'm just at my wits end trying to figure out what is the trigger!

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I've been posting about my horse having some Laminitic episodes. What can I do for that?


I know the moderators will post with help for you and will ask you to update your history--or fill one out, if you haven't already--but in the meantime I just want to make sure your horse is not getting any grass.

My gelding continued to have flare ups as long as I let him eat grass, even when he was only getting a blade or two through a tiny hole in his grazing muzzle. Our grass was very stressed and I am sure was full of sugars and that is what kept setting off his episodes of pain.

I also wouldn't hesitate to go back to the emergency diet till you get everything sorted out.

My gelding still gets his hay soaked even though it tested very low in S&S. I find that he has no problems when his hay is soaked, but when I fail to soak, he will have frequent 'ouchy' days.

Good luck!

Lisa in TX
Pookey Bear
June 2010

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