Re: Psyllium and IR and Questions IR Calculator and Conventional Ranges


The Sept 2011 Equus had a short article re: new research into the use of psyllium (from the husks of the seeds of the "Plantago ovata") a high fiber dietary additive used to help expel sand from a horses digestive system. The study indicated that horses, when tested after use, had lower blood glucose and insulin levels after meals. Any one have any experience w/this?

Re: the IR Calculator, we just joined this great group and we downloaded the IR Calculator and plugged our mare's numbers in. To our shock,her numbers for insulin (20.75 uIU/mL) and glucose (88 mg/dL), although they are both well within the "normal" range listed on the diagnostic report, put her G:I ratio at 4.4, her RISQI at 0.22 and her MIRG at 9.37. All adding up to a Severely IR mare. We suspected that she was IR but were reassured by the blood work and the seemingly safe ranges within which she fell. Then when we used the calculator, we were simply shocked. Have others had this experience and how did you adjust your horse's diet? We sent hay samples off and intend to balance nutrients when we get the report.

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