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Mandy Woods

Hey ~
Welcome to the list. Its good to see you've been cruising around the files!
There is pleanty to learn here. I"m not sheepish to say this group is light
years ahead of most vet schools so what you read here is new, cutting edge
and you may have some conviencing to do with your vet! Tell your vet about

The list philosophy is DDT/E.

DIAGNOSIS is by bloodwork. To confirm PPID (Cushings) you would have your
vet pull blood for an eACTH test. This test requires special handling so
reviewing the Blood Testing file will help you. To confirm IR you'd have
your vet pull Insulin and Glucose from the same draw on a NON fasting
horse. I hope your horse was not given grain or worked before the test! We
often recommend a Thyroid panel for a base line. PPID is treated with
pergolide. IR is managed by DIET.

DIET is a low sugar/starch/fat diet. Testing your hay is the only way to
know what you are actually feeding. Balancing the minerals to your hay
analysis is your goal. There are few commercially made bagged feeds that
are safe enough for an IR horse. One is Ontario Dehy Balance Timothy and
this can be used as a complete feed. It was formulated by Dr. Kellon. We
do recommend soaking/draining your grass hay until you get the analysis
back. The Temporary Emergency Diet in the Start Here File is what your
horse should be put on until you get your hay balanced. The ER minerals can
be purchased at any drugstore or Walmart. Vitamin E in soy oil, loose
iodized table salt, magnesium oxide and freshly ground flax seed. NO
Pasture! NO grains and no treats like cookies, apples, carrots and no
supplements either. You want to 'wipe the slate clean' with this diet as to
remove as much sugar/fat possible so you can track everything you add back
in. It works.

Feed her soaked/drained hay as the major portion of her diet now until you
know the sugars/starch value. Many of us use soy hull pellets as a carrier
for the minerals. I use one cup of SHP twice a day. Another safe feed is
rinsed/soaked/rinsed plain shredded beet pulp. If you r/s/r it in hot
water you can lower the sugar that is left in it from the processing. Its
full of good fiber, warm water which is great in the winter and has a nearly
identical mineral base as OATS. Oats convert to 100% glucose when eaten!
Feed her atleast 4 small meals a day. Feed her 2% her body weight a day in
dry hay. I use haynets and fish scales. A muck tub works great for

TRIM is a balanced foot with toes backed from the top and heels lowered.
EXERCISE only if the horse is able. Never force a laminitic horse to move.

You didnt mention if your horse is having foot issues, slow, stiff, back
sore or hock sore. Many times smoldering low grade laminitis is confused
for these. Can you feel digital pulses in her fetlocks? Can you see red
bruising in her feet? on the walls? These are subtle symptoms.

Please join the ECH5 group which is were we keep the medical files on the
horses. Answering the questionnaire paints a big picture for the gurus to
help zero in on tightning her diet or other issues. Keep reading the
files, ask questions as they pop up and we'll help. You may need to
start building a 'drylot' for her!

Psyllium is mainly used to remove sand from the cecum. It may help lower
insulin and glucose somewhat but I'm not aware of anyone doing followup
testing on it. It would be better to feed a low sugar/starch meal to avoid
an insulin spike! If you live in a sandbase area you'll feed psyllium one
week out of each month. Many of us get it at for $5.65 a

So much to learn! It will overwhelm you in the beginning but you'll learn
quickly especially when you see your mare improve. Remove the sugar
quickly. Add new minerals slowly.

Please sign your posts and delete the post you're resonding to. (highlite
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joined (Jan 12?)

Welcome again and get ready for new year of equine management!
Mandy in VA
EC Primary Response
OCT 2003

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