Re: What to do for Laminitis?

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Hi, Sky -

I am one of the support team. I got such a lot of help for my horses that I want to "pay it forward" by helping out whenever I know the answer to a question. Plus, I am a vet, so I have access to a fair number of books (not that they are always helpful!)

So glad you have a vet coming to test ACTH, insulin and glucose. Well done.

Best thing for feeding is to have just her hay in front of her, starting 3 hours or more before the vet gets there. If the vet is desparate to arrive at 8 am, that will mean having enough hay out the night before that she still has a little left in the morning. Don't feed any bagged feeds or supplements before testing. Just hay.

I was asking for pictures of her feet, because a picture can give so much information about the current hoof form and health. Obviously, if she has casts on, there is no point in taking any photos at the moment.

Often, sadly, people will say "I have regular, excellent farrier care", but it turns out that the trim and shoeing protocol that is being used is just not good for a laminitic foot. Hence, we ask for pictures.

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I was wondering about feeding before the testing. Does she need to have, like a full meal before the blood draw? & does the blood draw need to be during a certain time of day or anything? I know it should not be fasting. So, can I just feed her when I know the vet is coming?

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