Re: new blood work


Hi Lavinia,

Her ACTH is at a really good number right now so I would not alter the perg at this time. Plus, as her insulin jumped a bit(which may only be weather related), I wouldn't want to risk driving it higher by dropping perg dose at this time. If Mill were mine, I would wait until April to re-evaluate.
Do you think that the weather could effect Mill's insulin level? How does that work? When I tested last July she grazed for a few hours then was stabled for 4 more with hay. This year she had hay for a few hours then was stabled with TC Safe Starch Forage, TC Lite and more hay. Can hay have a greater effect on isulin than fresh grass? I am having trouble understanding the increase in insulin level when she has been on lower sugar & starch foods.

Jennifer & Mill
Jan 2011

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