Re: Treating Teddy Arthritis

Nancy C

Hi Josey

While it is a potent supplement, Injected glucosamine can make it worse. The jury is out on oral supplementation but many members have seen worsening IR using oral glucosamine.

MSM may interfere with copper absorption so the group recommends not using it if at all possible.

Goal is to avoid laminitis at all costs. Often laminitis is diagnosed as arthritis. You may have already thought of this but wanted to throw it out for consideration. Some horses could be really laminitic vs arthritic or could have a combination of both going on.

What members are reporting as the best approach currently is a bioflavanoid like Movease, HA and chondroitin.

More info on movease here


and at HA and chondroitin cn be purchased there as well or at

Not all horses are HA responsive. Getting the products separately will allow you to judge effectiveness better, raise or lower dosages as needed and eliminate one if it's not working.

Hope this helps.

Nancy C in NH
ECIR Moderator 2003


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I have been treating him with Devil's Claw Plus without much improvement. And he doesn't like to eat it.
I would like to treat him with a product with Glucosamine, HA, MSM and Chrondoitin.

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