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Anyway, back on topic: I donot have boots, but will be getting some legwarmers for her today. I realise that this may not help for the hooves but I guess when the legs are being kept warm, the bloodflow will be kept going in a way. We'll see..

I was wondering: might APF help her - I hate having to give all thos chemical medications like bute, ascal600, tranquigel or even ace.. :(
Laura's suggestion to try APF is spot on - I would definitely give that a try. I'm thinking it may not work if you're giving bute, though. Hopefully someone else will chime in if that's the case! Personally, I would not use bute unless the pain was severe enough for her to go off her feed. Even then, I'd most likely try other things first. Another supplement to consider would be ALCAR - there should be info in the files and you'd get lots of feedback using an archive search. I'd also still put her in boots, even with your current set-up. It really couldn't hurt and may well be very helpful.

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