Re: Pauli in trouble.. help needed

Elva J Mico

jannepauli wrote:

I looked at your videos and Pauli is a very pretty girl.

Anyway, back on topic: I donot have boots, but will be getting some
legwarmers for her today. I realise that this may not help for the
hooves but I guess when the legs are being kept warm, the bloodflow
will be kept going in a way. We'll see..
I wouldn't say for sure - but I don't believe leg warmers and boots offer the same protection. It is said on here time and time again how much boots and pads have helped. Why do you have a blanket on her but nothing on her legs and feet?

I was wondering: might APF help her - I hate having to give all thos
chemical medications like bute, ascal600, tranquigel or even ace.. :(
If you hate doing it, then stop. At least try the APF and the herbs.

Put some boots and leg warmers on that girl.

Elva and Angel Satin
in NM/June 2004

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