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Dr. Kellon,

My friend Susan has 2 + years of photos and radiographs - She helped me after the orginal person almost killed Matrix. I will have her post them into the case history so you can see where we have been. It has been a very long bumpy road.

We have almost made it so many times - as for the original resection (Novemeber of 09) - Matrix had undiagnosed white line - was told by my vet that an anerobic bacteria ate his hoof wall up to the coronet band. My vet said he needed a resection and suggested "the best" person for the job. This was a fatal error on my part - this person turned out to be an absolute disgrace - he almost hit the coffin bone - even with the benefit of radiographs - Matrix had not rotated until the resection. This person put on acrylics, and egg bar shoes (one was cracked when he put it on) no support for the coffin bone. The shoes remained on until I noticed blood from the bottom of the hoof - and was told Matrix had penetrated and he needed a tetenotomy - which I didn't do. In addition to the cracked shoe - there was mold on the hoof as well. It was really quite sad and I hate to even think about it. He has been doing OK in pads and slippers - and sometime soft rides - I greatly appreciate your response - but am afraid most of the value in our photos will be a post mortum. Matrix has been pretty much flat out since Thursday at 2 pm - he has something going on in his shoulder - may have injured it laying down or getting up earlier that day. He had magna wave treatments today some hyperium - some cranial sacral and med point laser - hoping he able to at least sit up soon. He has been slowly losing ground the past few weeks.

Over the past few years we have used medical maggots, body work, natural trims and diet to try to get the hooves under control. Last April it seemed we were almost where we needed to be - Matrix was able to walk about a mile - then he crashed and has made baby steps forward - then set backs - refoundered a few months ago.

Sorry to babble - am drained both physically and emotionally right now.

Greatly appreciate you and everyone else in the group responding. Over the past few years I have leared alot from you and the members. It is an amazing network.

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Greatly appreciate guidance on these topic - we have been fighting a mechanically induced founder - from a botched resection for the past 25 months -
Hi Lindy,

Do you have a case history and photos/radiographs posted? Why was the resection done in the first place? Was anything done to help stabilize the hoof wall afterwards?

Horses in flat out lateral recumbency for a long period of time can develop lung issues or muscle issues from pressure. If they move frequently and are often sternal, this isn't so much of a problem.

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