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Hi Belinda,
Welcome to the list. We do give you a ton of information in the beginning
so we understand you're overwhelmed. We can help you digest it all.

The list philosophy is DDT/E.

Its important that you do all 4 of these to see successful results. The
first D is for DIAGNOSIS. This is by bloodwork. You want your vet to
pull blood to confirm PPID aka Cushings. This test is the eACTH test
scheduled early in the week in a quiet barn. Its a simple blood pull but it
requires special handling. To confirm IR, you want your vet to pull blood
on a NON fasting horse ~ get Insulin/Glucose/Leptin. Send these to Cornell.
A thryoid panel would be a good baseline if you can swing it.

DIET is low sugar/starch/fat. We recommend under 10% total s/s/f a day.
The Temporary Emergency Diet is to ''wipe the slate clean'' as safely and
quickly as possible. IF you've never had your hay analyzed it could be too
high in sugar/starch. Stop all grains, no pasture, no supplements other
than the ones in the ER Diet, no apples, no carrots, cookies etc. Soak
your hay for one hour in cold water, pouring the water where your mare cant
get to it. This can reduce sugar in the hay up to 30%! That could be the
difference in safe hay vs founder hay. You did not mention if she is fed
one TBS of loose iodized table salt.Do this twice a day. I would add this
and hold off on the iodide drops for now. Have you cored your hay yet? Sent
it to to be tested? Trainer/#603/$49. Let us know
when you get your results back. Then, one of the hay gurus can help you
balance your minerals to the hay analysis. Your goal is a balanced diet!
But first we see whats in the hay.

TRIM is a balanced foot with heels lowered and toes backed.
EXERCISE is excellent for the horse if she's able. Never force a laminitic
horse to move. Handwalking is a great start. If you have any doubts about
stiffness, arthritis or reluctance to move forward then dont force her.

The order of importance of the ER minerals is equal. They can all be
purchased at Walmart or any drugstore in one day. This is a safe way to
slowly introduce new minerals. The salt is two fold ~ it encourges the
horse to drink more and get iodine in them. Always add new products slowly
but remove quickly any that would make them ill. You will be adding more
minerals depending on your hay analysis.

I hope this answers some of your questions!
Let us know if you have more.
Mandy in VA
EC Primary Response
OCT 2003

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