Re: Pauli in trouble.. help needed

sue wolf <wolffarm4@...>

very nice horse. my princess moved like this it was from the cold... you need to get some fuzzy shipping boots with the bell on the bottom to go over the hoofs. also boots for the hoofs. I uses the easy boot rx.. this worked great in the winter for my mare. it helped. the key is to keep the horse, legs and the frontĀ  hoofs warm... this happen to princess and I was beside my does get better... this year princess does not need anything and shes just fine.. watch out for snow balls on the legs andĀ  boots.. it makes the legs really cold.. at least it did for princess.. shes an IR mare.. founder about 28% on both front.. this is her 2ed winter since she foundered she was bad...
hang in there..
sue & princess oh 6/10

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