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We began the emergency diet and she was receiving 1cup of timothy pellets, 2000 iu of Vitamin E, 1/2 cup ground flax, 3000mg mag oxide each night along with her hay. She readily ate this.

Last weekend we began adding, a drop of iodine, a part dose of Cu/Zn, an ounce of jiaogalin at the evening feeding and she started leaving part of it each morning.
HI Belinda,
A few thoughts regarding Kari and the emergency diet as I think you might have misunderstood some of the recommendations. We don't usually recommend timothy pellets as there is no way to guarantee that they are low sugar and starch without testing every batch. On the other hand - ODTB cubes (Ontario dehy timothy balance cubes) ARE tested to be low S/S and are also mineral balanced. Since you are in VT, you can also get Poulin feeds. Both the Equi-pro carb safe and the Forage extender pellets (which are mostly soy hulls) are low sugar/starch so either of those will work. Also wondering why you're adding Cu and Zn? Are you working off of a hay test? How much are you adding? We generally only recommend those to balance your hay following a hay test(only the Mg is a part of the emergency diet, and salt). FYI - they are not very tasty so that's probably why she's backed off of her ration :-) !

Are you adding the jiaogulan for feet issues? An oz. is WAY too much so please stop that right away! The recommended starting dose is 1/2tsp. 2x/day fed at least 20 mins. prior to a meal. You then watch the gums for change of color. Most of us end up at ~ 1 tsp. 2x/day. There is info. on this in the files section.

Have you had a chance to put up your case history? We can be much more helpful when we have more details!

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