Re: Scout – Laminitis has Subsided– Next Steps?

Marianne Henze

Is this what you are referring to when you say IAEP wraps?

Hi Kathy,
Nope, those are actually KC's "inserts" that can be used with the wraps for further protection, traction and achieving higher performance. We are just doing the wraps themselves with no inserts to just give more stability and protection from the hard ground. Scout will not be doing much work except lots of hand walking, so we don't really need the inserts.
Here is the link to just the wraps - this is the kit we purchased:

If possible, and I know I am asking a lot :-), but would you consider sharing some hoof photos before and then after with the applied IAEP wraps?
No problem, you are not asking too much at all. He is going to be trimmed this weekend and we are going to take pictures right after his trim prior to the wraps being put on. We expect to take them off in 2-3 weeks thinking he may need a touch up trim after that. So, once they come off, we will upload pictures of the "after the wraps." I can also include some pictures of the wraps being applied.

Marianne in Northern IL
Eddie, Scout, and Diesel too!

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