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Mandy Woods

Hi Pat,
I like the name Princess Bea. If you tell them they are important they become important! You are a saint to take in a foundered pony. I think we can get you and "PB" on the right path. The list philosophy is DDT/E. Do all 4 and you should see positive results.

You didnt mention her age. IF she's in her teens she could be PPID aka Cushings. This is treated with pergolide. IF she's got puffs above her eyes, fat pads on her shoulders/tailhead even while being thin, she could also be Insulin Resistant. IR is managed by DIET. She could have both syndromes.

DIET is low sugar/starch/fat. NO pasture, NO grains, no apples/carrots/cookies/treats etc. She needs her hay soaked/drained to reduce the sugar up to 30%. We aim for less than 10% sugar/starch total a day. This includes hay and bucket feed. Do you have Speedi-beet? or can you get a plain shredded beet pulp? That, when rinsed/soaked/rinsed is the safest way to get minerals/water in a pony. The Temporary Emergency Diet should help her. You can get the ER minerals at a drugstore : Vitamin E, loose iodized table salt, magensium oxide and freshly ground flax seed ( the good Omega 3 with the anti-inflammatory properties). The recipe is in the "Start Here'' file.

TRIM is critical for a foundered foot. Do you have a trimmer who can work on her feet every 2 weeks? Do you have Xrays? Can you get some pony boots and make pads for her feet? She needs all the comfort she can get with her feet trimmed in alignment with her coffin bone. She also needs a blanket to keep her warm and socks in the boots too if she's not able to walk around to get warm. And please offer her warm water.

EXERCISE should be at her will. She will tell you if she's ready/able to move more. Keep her in a safe place so no larger horses can push her.

Pat, please take photos of her body and her feet. Start a journal on her so you can see the changes and be able to go back to see what you did! Right now you want her eating safe food and in a warm barn. Cold weather causes a foundered foot even more pain so boots/pads/socks are indicated. Trace her foot and see about ordering from the pony catalogs. Ask questions and we'll help.

Mandy in VA
EC Primary Response
OCT 2003

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