Re: Scout – Laminitis has Subsided– Next Steps?

Elva J Mico

Marianne Henze wrote:
Nope, those are actually KC's "inserts" that can be used with the
wraps for further protection, traction and achieving higher
performance. We are just doing the wraps themselves with no inserts
to just give more stability and protection from the hard ground.
Scout will not be doing much work except lots of hand walking, so we
don't really need the inserts. Here is the link to just the wraps -
this is the kit we purchased:
Okay, just for my own curiosity, why are these wraps better than foam pads and boots? If they are not re-usable doesn't it get kind of expensive? And how much protection does this wrap actually give? I am so curious about these because I've never seen them used and never heard of them. And, I think maybe they need to be in my tool box. The web site doesn't really give that much information. Of course, I am wondering if they would help with the contracted tendons.

Elva & Angel Satin
Corrales, NM

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