Re: Firocoxib- Was: Vet that will prescribe pergolide (compounded) in LA

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My understanding that Equioxx did the same thing with the Firocoxib, by labeling it for horses as Prascend by labeling Pergolide for Horses. I think Firocoxib is not available in generic, no brand name form. It would be nice if it was available through a compounding pharmacy.

A bit of a Catch 22 with this. Using the firocoxib for a horse is off label. It is not illegal per se, and is used by many. If there is a complication from it in the horse, its use would be considered *not meeting standards* which a health care practitioner of any kind does not want to flirt with.

So a vet has the right to be wary and stand her/his ground. When my vet brought up possibly using the dog version (she is very conscious of money problems, especially in the area I live in), I questioned her (I was actually surprised) about using it off label. We discussed it and both agreed to try it, knowing there are some *sticky* points about it.

The AVMA is adamant it can't be used, but what they don't know...

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