Re: Dumor Equistages

Kathy Brinkerhoff

Hi Barbara,

I searched and I can't find the Esc and Starch numbers for Dumor, but I might make a suggestion for helping you track them down....

Based on my search, it is my understanding is that Dumor Equistages is made by Purina for the Tractor Supply Company to sell as their house brand horse feed. It is supposed to comparable to Purina's Strategy Line of feeds. You might want to give Tractor Supply a call/email and ask for the S/S number or at least see if they will verify it is comparable to the Strategy feeds. What I have found on line is that Strategy has a very high NSC. I have found references of 28-30%. I can't find anything on the Purina site or Tractor Supply regarding NSC, Esc or Starch for Strategy or Dumor Equistages.

Someone else may have more information for you. There is a Strategy Feed Tag posted in the Feed Analyses File, but it doesn't have the S/S.

I agree with you that just based on the analysis and ingredients, regardless of S/S that there are much better options to feed.

Kathy Brinkerhoff

SE/WI 2007

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Does anyone have an analysis for Dumor (aka Purina) Equistages, especially the ESC and starch?

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