Re: Please advise w/Sabrina

Nancy C

Hi Gayle

You're not dumb just stressed out and rightfully so. Hope I can simplify.

You mention in you CH you are feeding hay tested at low ESC and starch. Did you also get the minerals analyzed? If not would you? That will allow us to cut to the chase and finely tune the diet.

Keep the mag as you are doing or better yet, look for feed grade mag ox. You may have to special order it. You may be able to add more if we know what our hay mineral profile looks like.

Add the Integrity Hoof. The amount of alfalfa has not effected IR horses that have trialed or regularly used the product. Distillers grains in this amount are not an issue.

For now yes, on the Platinum Performance at 1 mg and 1/4 tsp of Source. That maybe can come up a tad more but I need to run some numbers and if you have or get a hay analysis, I can do it all at once.


You may have winter laminitis but you've got all the helpful components in place or on their way, right? Wraps, jiaogulan, aakg.

Did you ever work with a barefoot trimmer? Seems to me there was one in TN that members had reported being very happy with. Not that you guys aren't doing a good job, but sometimes it helps to have another pair of eyes. Seeing pics would be great but getting a trimmer out might be the fastest, best way to go, if I'm remembering correctly that there is a good one in TN.

I don't think I would transport her 35 miles for rads right now either based on what you have described. But if you can get some trim help, maybe you can make her comfortable enough to make the ride.

Hang in there, Gayle. Hope I got everything?

Nancy C in NH
ECIR Moderator 2003


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