Re: Please advise w/Sabrina


You mention in you CH you are feeding hay tested at low ESC and starch. Did you also get the minerals analyzed? If not would you? That will allow us to cut to the chase and finely tune the diet.
I checked the hay report in my case history. I guess the calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, etc. are not what you need. I looked at Equi-Analytical website. Is #604 what I need?

Add the Integrity Hoof.
Will order.

For now yes, on the Platinum Performance at 1 mg and 1/4 tsp of Source.
Will order.

You may have winter laminitis but you've got all the helpful components in place or on their way, right? Wraps, jiaogulan, aakg.
This is where I get confused. Dr. K told me to stop AAKG. Message #163954, which I had already done. I started her on J tonight. Put it with a tbs. of flax and she gobbled it right down.

Did you ever work with a barefoot trimmer? Seems to me there was one in TN that members had reported being very happy with.
All four we worked with were barefoot trimmers. I'd love the name of another to try. There's a really good one, a lady named Gwen, who came once, but she won't come as far as we are anymore.

She was so painful this PM she could hardly walk, but I still couldn't detect a pulse or any heat. I just don't get it.

Thank you again for all your advice.

Gayle & Sabrina
Fairview, TN

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