Duke's latest hoof pictures: Help!

Donna Coughlin

Dear Hoof Gurus and Friends of Duke,

Mini Duke definitely had winter laminitis this year and his best friend, Nancy (!). felt his diet was tight and therefore it must be the trim. I've finally managed to take hoof pictures and post them on EC Hoof; see the Feb. 2012 pictures: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ECHoof/photos/album/1892079714/pic/list

Somehow, they downloaded totally out of order from my one-foot-all-views-to-the-next-foot iPhoto file, and once in EC hoof, "move" does not move them within your file, but somewhere else, or at least that's what I understood. So I apologize, they are completely scrambled. Also, last April I was able to label each one so it showed on the overall file, but this time the labels show up only when you click to enlarge each image. I have NO idea what I did wrong, but hope I got them labeled correctly--I was trying to go from iPhoto to the ECHoof file.....and my brain was turning to mush.

The blacksmith was here on Feb. 2nd and I have rasped his front toes even blunter twice since then. I'm a bit nervous when I do it, trying to follow Linda's mock-ups from last April. The new-in-September blacksmith was rolling his front toes, but when he saw how much better Duke was walking after I got brave with the rasp, he realized "our" method was better--but I'm not sure he had done enough.....I may have to get the vet and digital x-ray here for his next visit if you all think the trim isn't yet right.

I had the vet come out late Dec. when the laminitis started and she did chiro and acupuncture, which helped a lot, and suggested treating him for Lyme's. He just finished 60 days of doxy, which helped, but not at much as I had hoped. Some days he seems more comfortable and walks around with only one or two longish (flat out) naps during the day. Today he was good--boots off for part of the day (ground is no longer frozen) and only one nap! He is eating well, seems happy, still no pulses, no heat, but I think he could be more comfortable. He is very ancient, and perhaps it's just age too?? He does get Mov-Ease and "safe" joint supplements (see his file below).

Thank you for any help!!

Donna Coughlin
Duke, Obi and Robin
CT Dec. 2009
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