Re: Duke's latest hoof pictures: Help!

Linda <PapBallou@...>

Mini Duke definitely had winter laminitis this year and his best friend, Nancy (!). felt his diet was tight and therefore it must be the trim.
Donna -

Yeah, the trim has gotten away from where it should be. I took a quick peek.

These little guys can be a challenge to keep where they should be - they are hard to trim, those tiny feet are hard to trim, and when they develop a fast growing heel as can happen with laminitis, they seem to grow it back faster than the bigger horses. A weekly trim schedule with major attention to the heels is needed.

I don't know what the farrier is using to trim the feet as far as tools go. I have struggled with regular sized nippers, older hands, and finally ended up buying a pair of farrier nail cutters. Are just the perfect size to maneuver around those little feet and can get in there and get the job done. And the grinder!

So with the heels so high, his hoof capsules have become ballet slippers to him. His toes can't help but hurt. You should see my deformed toes from ballet - never mind.

Do you need some markups? If you were to take x-rays, you'd be surprised at how much foot is there that shouldn't be there.

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